Several years before I found Musa Taekwondo I had been looking for a place to learn self defense. I was considering Mixed Martial Arts until I spoke to my uncle. He told me that he practiced Taekwondo and reached the Cho Dan Bo belt (red and black), this convinced me to learn Taekwondo. I had tried many different academy's though I did not wish to continue after the first lesson. Then my mum found Musa Taekwondo Academy. At the end of my very first lesson with Musa, I felt excited for the next. It was the encouragement I received from Saboemnim Alex and coach Penny that fueled my drive to continue. Initially my goal was to stay for a year but after I got my yellow belt, I quit soccer and created a goal for myself. That goal was to achieve a black belt. Years past and I climbed up the ranks along with my friends. After four years of Taekwondo, it became a huge part of my life and I did not intend on leaving anytime soon. If I had joined any other academy in Sydney I would not have achieved my Black Belt and my life would be completely different. Taekwondo keeps me fit, gives me self-confidence, mental strength and tools to use if it ever comes to a situation where I need to defend myself. Thank you Saboemnim and coaches! 
Thank you Musa Taekwondo!

Alex Blum-Einfeld - 1st Poom Black Belt (Cadet Athlete - age 14)


My Black Belt Journey. 
At the age of 18 I was supposed to grade to black belt in Karate. But for my own reasons it never happened! Something I ended up regretting for a long time. As a chef time & rotation rosters always saw me starting at various Martial arts clubs & quiting after a few months due to work. Until I discovered Musa TKD. It was the only venue in Sydney that offered daytime classes & so my journey began. At the beginning it was very hard especially after a 18 year gap from Martial arts training! Master Alex had me sweating, huffing & puffing & stinking of dencorub for months. But as I progressed I got fitter, stronger, more flexible & I dropped 7 kg. My mental focus became more sharp as well. This weekend my journey finally brought me to earning my Black Belt. The coaches that have inspired me the most have been Coach Alex for his dedication in seeing someone achieve what they want & getting you there prepared & ready & coach Gaele for bringing me back to my roots in karate with the way she conducted classes & Gradings & to all the awesome members that end up becoming more than just training partners but they end up being part of your MUSA family!!! Now another journey begins - 1st Dan Black Belt. 

Giovanni Spinazzola - 1st Dan Black Belt (Assistant Instructor)


My daughters Stephania and Natalia joined Musa Taekwondo Academy and it has been the most wonderful decision. At first, I had major apprehensions about allowing my youngest daughter to participate in a martial art, due to her liver transplant and medical history, but

my fears vanished when I witnessed Coach Alex and Coach Michael work diligently and professionally with Stephania and her peers. Not only has she learnt and experienced for the first time what it feels like to be part of a team but both my children have embraced the spirit of taekwondo.I am an extremely proud mother and it gives me great satisfaction in seeing my girls so excited and determined in attending their lessons every week. I truly appreciate the effort the experienced coaches put into their lessons, allowing the best for my daughters in a safe nurturing environment.

My childrenʼs self esteem, happiness, confidence and fitness has improved.I highly recommend Musa Taekwondo Academy to any parent or child with an interest in learning a dynamic, fun martial art.

~ Valasia Papadakis (Parent of Members – Morning Taekwondo)


Musa Taekwondo is the most professionally run Dojang in Sydney. I started training there last year & the physical benefits have been amazing!!!
~ Giovanni Spinazzola (Member – Morning Taekwondo)

All the staff and coaches at Musa Taekwondo are so welcoming and friendly! They are very encouraging and the children enjoy the classes and look forward to going back every week! Thanks Team Musa for keeping my children focused!!
~ Duncan & Lisa Evans (Parent of Member – Young Warriors)

I joined Musa TKD about 2 months ago, after checking out various clubs in Sydney. I used to train quite seriously a few years back, and so i wanted to join a club with excellent training methods and one with strong Taekwondo values. I have found both in Musa Taekwondo. The coach is extremely knowledgeable and also very friendly and approachable. All of the members of the club are also very friendly and are inspiring to train with. There are members of all different levels and ages, including some very talented competition fighters so it is a real pleasure for me to train here. ! also like the fact that the club is open 6 days a week. I highly recommend joining Musa TKD. Whether it is your first time doing Taekwondo, or you may be a seasoned blackbelt, i am sure you will find what you are looking for at Musa TKD
~ Aaron Blakey (Black Belt Member – Adult Taekwondo)

Musa Taekwondo is a fantastic organisation, with not only highly skilled instructors and coaches, but also with a supportive and nurturing culture that encourages you to achieve your best. The structure of the classes is designed for all levels of fitness, from amateur to professional, where you are guaranteed one on one instruction from the Head Coach. The values exemplified by Musa Taekwondo will not only encourage you to achieve your best whilst training in the Dojang, but also to achieve excellence in all areas of your professional and personal life.
~ Gabe Kilby-Dunn (Member – Adult Taekwondo)

Training as Musa has been an amazing experience. Not only have I started competing for the first time (at the advanced age of 28), but I've made new friends - the Musa crew is one of the most supportive and cohesive clubs it's ever been my pleasure to train with.
~ Dominic Lees (Black Belt Member – Adult Taekwondo)

Musa Taekwondo is a highly professional and friendly club, whose enthusiastic staff take the extra mile to help each individual achieve their Taekwondo goals. Beginning Taekwondo at Musa has been a fantastic decision, helping me boost my fitness, strength and self esteem
~ Sasha Uher (Member – Adult Taekwondo)

Musa has true Taekwondo spirit, not different from the one you will find in Korea. Atmosphere is  like family, supportive and encouraging. The best Dojang I've ever been to.
~ Sonya Jeon (Member – Adult Taekwondo)

I joined Musa Taekwondo in 2012 when I first arrived in Australia. I could not have found a better club to train in, as not only do i get quality training from Coach Alex, the club have also made me feel more at home whilst i am in a foreign land.
~ Joshua Kan (Black Belt Member – Adult Taekwondo)

My son Sebastian began Kindergarten in 2009, so as a parent with all the the stories going around in regards to bullying at schools I thought that it best that Sebastian be involved in some type of martial art purely for self-defence. So I joined Sebastian in the taekwondo club called MUSA at the tender age of 4 in 2008 under the guidance of the Musa coaches. Four years on and Sebastian has achieved his junior black belt status (1st Poom). This was thanks to MUSA because as I mentioned earlier I got him involved purely for self-defence, but as it turned out Sebastian got much more out of it than that. Through MUSA, I as a parent am very proud of Sebastian for his WORK ETHIC, DEDICATION, SPORTSMANSHIP, DISCIPLINE, PHYSICAL FITNESS, SELF-CONFIDENCE, and most of all RESPECT that he has gained from this club. This in turn has been displayed right through all aspects of Sebastian's life, be it at school or his various other activities. I highly recommend MUSA to any person or parent and reap the REWARDS that my son Sebastian has received.
~ Peter Bezzina (Parent of Member – Young Warriors)

Our son Josh has grown both in confidence and ability under the watchful and dedicated instruction of Alex and his coaching team.  It truly is an incredible environment for both children and adults to learn the art of TKD. 
~ Leslie & Rob Webb (Parent of Member – Young Warriors)​

Working with Musa TAEKWONDO at tournaments over the years, I can safely say they are a very professionally run team with well-mannered coaches, team managers, athletes and supporters. It was a pleasure working with team Musa
~ Natalia Sangalang (Admin Director- Sports Taekwondo New South Wales)​

Musa Taekwondo is a fully equipped and highly professional Taekwondo centre that proudly abides by the tenets and traditions of Korean Taekwondo. As a Taekwondo fighter, I have been provided which such a high level of expertise by experienced coaches in preparation for sparring tournaments of regional, state and international levels, incomparable to any other Taekwondo club. Musa Taekwondo is a place for anyone and everyone, specialising across all areas of Taekwondo whether it be traditional poomsae, Olympic sparring, self-defence or simply for fun.
~ Michael Podbury (Athlete – Australian National Team, Oceania 2012)

After a couple of years of having a break from professional TKD, I finally decided to get back into it. Now in a different country I had to find a Dojang that could provide me with the high performance training I was used to in Mexico and, at the same time, the family I have always had in my last Dojang.

After visiting several Dojang in Sydney I was about to give up, some of them had good training sessions, but the environment was not what I was after, some places had the right environment but the actual Dojang was not set up properly for TKD. When I first visited the MUSA academy, I instantly knew that this was what I was looking for. The best high performance training, a great team with extremely high skills to practice, a great couch that has also proven to be a good friend and a new family that has received me with arms wide open. TKD is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I am so glad to be part of this big MUSA Family. Gracias MUSA
~ Jonatan Omar Morales Enciso  from Mexico (Black Belt Member – Adult Taekwondo)

Getting back into Taekwondo after a 6 year hiatus was made much easier thanks to Coach Alex and his team at Musa Taekwondo. The intensive and varied training ensured that I returned to competition in a few short month. Musa Taekwondo is much more than just a club for competition though - it's like a family. Everyone at the club is so warm and welcoming, and I always look forwards to coming to training a
And having a great time!

~ Charles Wang (Member – Adult Taekwondo)


My daughter Kristen wanted to do a self defence sport, by chance we come across Taekwondo. Kristen has been doing TKD for just over 5 years. What we didn’t know about the sport, that there was ITF and WTF, Kristen trained at an ITF club and was not fully satisfied, wanting more competitions and students to spar with. We made the decision to move on and that the next club needed to be WTF given it is was a recognised Olympic Sport. After trialling at a couple of different clubs, we came across Musa Taekwondo. I remember Kristen’s first trial at Musa, WTF TKD was very different to what she was used too, she had to adapt and learn again, which was frustrating at times for her! Everyone at Musa made Kristen feel very welcome and she decided this was the club for her. It has now been 2 years since Kristen joined MUSA Taekwondo, as a parent of this club; I believe this is the best and most professional club in Sydney. Coach Alex will always go that extra mile for all his students, all the coaches are humble, supportive and professional. The club in general is fantastic, the students and parents have all become good friends. If you are searching for a successful, professional full time Taekwondo Club, I highly recommend Musa Taekwondo. Kristen has achieved so much since she has joined Musa TKD, thanks to the hard training provided and great coaching staff.
~ Mary Gabrielli (Parent of Member – Adult Taekwondo)



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