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Hangu = 무사

Hanja = 武士

English = MUSA

'MUSA' translates to "WARRIOR" in the Korean language.

Musa Taekwondo Academy (Full-Time Centre) is located at Great North Road, FIVE DOCK, Sydney.

The academy is owned and run by 4 x AUS National Universiade Coach, Master Alex Sootho (6th Dan Black Belt). - See Coaching Team

Training at the academy focuses on fitness, technique development & conditioning in both traditional and sport Taekwondo. Our syllabus covers Taekwondo striking, blocking, footwork and kicking techniques (KIBON), traditional forms/patterns (POOMSAE), combat sparring (KYORUGI), self defence (HOLSHINSUL) and board breaking (KYUKPA).

Musa Taekwondo is an Australian Taekwondo (AT) registered club and follows the style, rules and ranking of World Taekwondo (WT) and Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo HQ, Korea)

Classes are available for all age groups and levels (From Pre-school, children, teens and adults)

Musa Taekwondo is an actively competing club and are involved in most local, State level, National level and selected International tournaments. We have students representing AUSTRALIA in World Championships, Universiade and Oceania teams as well as in AIS pathway programs.

Musa Taekwondo provides a friendly training atmosphere. Our highly qualified instructors are always there to help students achieve their individual goals in Taekwondo; in both physical and mental side of the art.


Musa Taekwondo is a COVID Safe club registered with the NSW Health department.

We are also the 2020 Inner West Small Business Award FINALIST

Come try our fun and effective training programs!

Come join our Team!

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